The Unicorn in the Notebook

This is the circuitous tale of a unicorn, a fox, a stack of notebooks, and the strange way that life can connect the dots for us when we least expect it. Unicorns have followed me around since high school, wheedling their way into pictures and stories – sometimes when I’d rather they stayed in hiding.... Continue Reading →

1860 Awesome

This little piece was originally posted to my Facebook page this past February:More proof (like we needed any) that old books totally rule: Okay, so I wasn’t actually looking for Thomas Paine stuff in the Ypsi Library, but as luck would have it, something of Mr. Paine’s came to hand (happens to me all the... Continue Reading →


Originally posted on Facebook: Okay. I'm way late with this, and have seen only those last few tell-tale moments of the episode in question, but ... "Introducing John (freaking) Hurt as the Doctor"?!??!! Are you (freaking) kidding me? Are all my efforts to resist getting sucked back into this fandom utterly doomed? Perhaps I should... Continue Reading →

Some Art

More Thomas Paine art. I love what can happen to photos of engravings once you start fiddling with them. Of course, once I start fiddling, it's hard to stop ... First, the original eighteenth-century piece (anonymous from about 1791, based on a work by "Peel of Philadelphia"): Then, several rounds of messing with said original... Continue Reading →

Thomas Paine’s Universe

I have almost no idea how I created the graphic below. I started by pasting a thumbnail of William Sharp's famous Thomas Paine engraving over a random snapshot that I took of sunlight filtered through some trees, and then ran the collage through several rounds of tweaking on Picasa. I came up with several images... Continue Reading →

My Defense of Jefferson, 1985

Every now and then I run across something I wrote “back in the day” which causes me to wonder whether I or the world have changed all that much over the course of the last ten (or fifteen or twenty) years. The following rhapsody to Thomas Jefferson, the Constitution (as I then understood it), and... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day: William Blake

From The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, a favorite piece of mine since the 1980s. It really should be read in full to get a sense of Blake's contrarian philosophy and complex mythos. The style is probably unlike anything ever written in the eighteenth century -- poetry and prose cut together in a way that... Continue Reading →

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